Esoterica is My Soliloquy’s 3rd release.
The E.P. was recorded between 2nd and 9th of January 2007 at Thin Ice Studios in Surrey, UK.
The sessions were engineered and produced by Karl Groom, with additional co-production by Pete Morten and Damon Roots for the bonus materials.

Esoterica is a significant release due to many factors.
– 26th April 2006, Pete made the critical decision to no longer have My Soliloquy be a traditional band, but more of a solo endeavour, with the exception of hiring drummers as and when needed.
– The first release that Pete took on all the writing and playing responsibilities.
– The first of 4 releases to feature drummer, Damon Roots.
– The first release to gain enough label interest from Sensory Records to secure the release of the debut album ‘The Interpreter’
– This was the last release under the name ‘Soliloquy’. After this, the name and logo were augmented to ‘My Soliloquy’.

Pete Morten
Lead & Backing Vocals
Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Acoustic Guitars
Bass Guitars
Keyboards & Programming

Damon Roots
Drums & Percussion

Inner Circles
Soulwork (Instrumental)
Alias Me

‘Making Of’ 40 min documentary film
This Changes Everything – Pete Morten Studio Demo


Esoterica E.P

Artist : My Soliloquy
Format : CD

Self Released Demo – 4 Track E.P Record before the name was augmented to My Soliloquy. Includes: Bonus Track and 40-minute video of Making of Documentary.

Press Review:
“The Material Is Fluid Yet Deep”
John Tucker Progpower UK II [March 2007]